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Spray Nozzles for Air Cooling

In many greenhouses, poultry and hog farms, KB and KBN series nozzles generating extremely fine atomization have been well adopted for air cooling in summer.


Atomizing Image

KBN series


Cow shed

Stables & Pig-house

Features of KBN series

  • Ultra-small capacity hollow cone spray nozzle with the finest atomization among hydraulic nozzles.
  • Minimal clogging with free passage diameter 1.3 - 2.6 times bigger than that of conventional nozzles.
  • High-purity alumina ceramic tip provides stable performance with longer life even under high pressure conditions.

Mushroom Cultivation

AKIMist®"E" is ideal for humidification in mushroom growing facilities!

Where to install AKIMist®"E"?

  • Culturing (Spawn run)
  • Fruiting
  • Growth
  • Champignon
  • Eringi
  • Enoki-dake
  • Buna-Shimeji
  • Mai-take

Advantage of AKIMist®"E"

  • The non-wetting "Dry Fog" sprayed from AKIMist®"E" spreads rapidly throughout the room and it can supply appropriate humidity quickly even when the humidity is decreased by the air ventilation.
  • As our fog is fine, the mushrooms have good firmness. You can maintain higher quality with good pigmentation.
  • AKIMist®"E" saves energy because it can spray "Dry Fog" with little air consumption.
  • As the minimum of water is left inside of the humidifier, it is a bacteria-resistant structure.