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Manufacturing process of Printed Circuit Board

Copper beating

Various kinds of spray nozzles to meet customer's requirement on water saving.

  • Spraying solubilizer
  • Cleaning after the plating
  • Surface treatment etc...

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Lamination and chemical polishing

Nozzles made of UPE (Ultra molecular polyethylene) is ideal for polishing.

  • Cleaning cutoff
  • Through-hole cleaning etc...

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YYP series nozzles spray wide-angle flat spray at low operating pressure, which features soft and low spray impulse.

  • Developer spraying
  • Cleaning after the developing etc...

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These nozzles provide uniform etching effect.

  • Shadow-mask etching, lead frame etching, High-efficient etching for PCB and TAB
  • Cleaning etc...

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Plastic nozzles with high chemical resistance are suitable for spraying resist stripping agent.

  • Spraying of resist stripping agent etc...

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Cleaning and Drying

Nozzles assured for their performance are best for cleaning by purified water and uniform washing.

  • Washing
  • Acid pickling
  • Blowing off water droplets etc...

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