Dry Fog Humidifier AKIMist®"E"

1. New Energy Saving Design

@20% Less Air Consumption! AKIMist® upgraded to model "E". If 30pcs. of the previous AKIJet® nozzles are replaced with the new ones, air consumption saved is 111.7SCFM (3000Nm3) in a month.

2. Clean Humidifier

@Antibacterial water tank is sanitary and much smaller (45% less water storage, compared to AKIMist® "D").

3. Compatible Design

@Reduction in size and weight but Creates large volume Dry Fog with less air consumption.

4. Easy-to-maintain mechanism

@Both the nozzle and body have become dramatically easier to maintain and use.

Download the catalog

Download the catalog: English, French, German (2,1 MB).

1. Dry Fog Humidifier AKIMist®"E" -From Start spraying to Stop Spraying

2. AKIMist®"E" spray toward the transparent acrylic board

3. How to install AE-UT adapter to AKIMist®"E" and its spraying