Pneumatic Spray Nozzles

The pneumatic spray nozzle utilizes a high-velocity flow of compressed air and has the following features as compared with hydraulic spray nozzles. Comparing with hydraulic spray nozzles that use only water pumps, pneumatic spray nozzles have the following features:

  • Excellent atomizing performance (very fine fog)
  • Large turndown ratio (large flow control coverage)
  • Large free passage diameter (less clogging)

Usually, pneumatic spray nozzles are driven by compressed air but inert gas (N₂, etc) or steam are also used.

Note: for use of steam, please contact us. The figures shown in the catalogue are based on compressed air and tap water at room temperature.


  • Where fine atomization is required
  • Where viscous liquid is sprayed
  • Where a large turn-down ratio is required
  • Where extremely small spray capacity is required

For Technical Information on Pneumatic Spray nozzles, please click here.

Pneumatic Spray Nozzles

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