Solid Stream Jet Nozzles

Solid stream with highest spray impact. Ideal for powerful cleaning.
Flat Spray Nozzles
Cone Spray Nozzles
Solid Stream Jet Nozzles

Solid Stream Nozzles

Standard solid stream (CCP, CP series) Convex round inlet solid stream (CCRP, CRP-(AL99) series) Paper trimming nozzle (CMP-T, CTM-U, CM series) Universal-Joint Type Solid Stream Jet (UT+CP series)
Solid Stream Jet with ON/OFF Control (SO-CM series)

Multiple-orifice Solid Stream Nozzles

Multiple-orifice solid stream (2CCP•7CCP, 2CP•7CP series)

Special Nozzles

Self-cleaning solid stream (MOMOJet"C" series) Ejector nozzles (EJX-series)